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Hi. I am Linda Clark

ARTSTATION is my studio in Unionville, Chester County. I have been here as an exhibiting fine artist, graphic designer and horseman for 25 years.  I design and produce marketing for non-profits, community businesses and corporate marketing campaigns. My work spans the country with remote collaborations, but my home and heart are in Chester County.

With a strong background and degree in the arts, my design approach is very visual, customized to accommodate a wide variety of industries. Your project is handled professionally, properly, according to your specifications. I am happy to work with your vendors, and I also have access to some other really great resources!


Services & skills

how can I help?


Communications designed to draw attention to new products, sales events, service information, Commonly as Direct Mail pieces. Brochures. Menus, Rack Cards. Save the Date, Invitations. Business cards. 


Time to clean up fuzzy or outdated graphics for your products? Do you need a logo for your new business or an update  to your present outdated logo?


I would love to Introduce and reorganize information by updating the appearance of your site and possibly create new pages. Rethink your viewer's visiting experience... (Let's design how the site functions).

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